Video Door Phone/Bell Dubai

Commax Video entryway telephone can fulfill your necessities with home secure capacities, for example, observing guests and recording the picture of guests. Commax Video entryway is highlighted with simple establishment and wiring for different establishment situations. As it empowers concurrent correspondences and phone calls, clients can converse with a security monitor and guests at the entryway and open the passageway. As picture memory is inherent, it is conceivable to check guests by recording guests’ pictures. It is adjusted intense security capacity and simple to utilize OSS(On-screen show). In the house, workplaces and healing facilities, video entryway telephone can give you striking accommodation and wellbeing.

We Install Video Intercom/Door phone unit in Villas Anywhere in Dubai and across over UAE consolidates ABUDHABI, SHARJAH, AJMAN, RAS-AL-KAIMAH, UMM AL QUWAIN and AL AIN with one year ensure, Communications to your passage is crucial for total security and settlement. The Commax sound/Video radio structure is to a great degree beneficial for affirmation and conspicuous evidence of individual requesting entry ,Video segment systems have the included purpose of inclination of visual check before allowing access through releasing door locks.

Door Phone in Dubai

Door telephone Dubai is an intelligent specialized gadget that controls and oversees guests all the more advantageously and securely through interchanges between a guest and an occupant with a call catch introduced outside the entryway. Commax Intercom Dubai UAE is regularly utilized as a part of apartment suite, house and office, and even any specialist can utilize it effectively because of simple establishment and wiring. The entryway telephone comprises of a speaker and a mouthpiece for voice correspondences between a guest at the entryway and an indoor station and ensures the best quality interchanges with an advanced circuit. The COMMAX entryway telephone is portrayed by brilliant station expandability between expert telephone and sub station. For wellbeing and accommodation, correspondences to a security monitor from inside the house and to guests at the passage. Simple interchanges use in different spots including workplaces, homes, processing plants and healing facilities. We are the best installers of Commax Intercom Dubai UAE.

Door Lock in UAE

COMMAX propelled gateway lock Dubai that fuses RF card based non-contact sort and one of a kind imprint affirmation sort gets easy to-use control structure, competent security work and present day diagram, it is comprehensively used to open and close portals in homes and working environments and in addition underway lines. As COMMAX mechanized passage is interlinked with home framework system, it gives enhanced solace under the most favorable conditions in class propelled gateway lock structure. The Commax door lock involves a key control unit to release the portal lock through the usage of a key insertion groove, a key control unit lock to change or turn a rotating body and an electric circuit to release the gateway lock. Following the Commax portal lock fuses caution structure that engages a tenant to open the door through a fundamental key movement amid a time of emergency, even old people and children can without quite a bit of a stretch use it. If the Commax gateway is coercively opened, it gives the alert, and its twofold jolt system keeps tenants safe by keeping from opening the passage even the use of a key or a mystery key from outside.

Colour Video & Audio Intercom System- Low Rise Residential UAE

Commax CAV71B – Multi Colour Video Intercom System – 4 Door/Camera / 20 Video Monitor
Commax CAV71BQ – Quad Colour Video Intercom System – 4 Door/Camera / 3 Video Monitor
Commax CDV70AD – Handsfree Colour Video Intercom System – 2 Door / 3 Video Mon / 2 Audio Handset
Commax CDV50AD – Handsfree Colour Video Intercom System – 2 Door / 2 Video Mon / 1 Audio Handset
Commax CDV50PD – Colour Video Intercom System – 2 Door / 2 Video Monitor / 2 Audio Handset
Commax DP2HPN – Audio Only Intercom System – 1 Door / 1 Audio Handset
Commax DPHP01- Audio Only Intercom System – 1 Door / 2 Audio Handsets

Business Intercom System- Audio only Intercom Systems UAE

Commax DRDW2N – Business Audio Only Intercom System – 1 Door / 9 Audio Handset
Commax TP90AN – Business Audio Only Intercom System – up to 90 Audio Handsets
Commax PI10L – Business Audio Only Intercom System – 1 Master / 10 or 30 Slave Handsets

Commax Audio & Video Apartment Intercom Systems- High Rise Residence UAE

Commax DR2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16AM – Audio Push Button Intercom System – 1 Door / up to 16 Handsets
Commax DRC – Digital Keypad Video Audio Intercom System – 99 Door / 480 Monitor

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