Queue System

Manage your customers professionally, reduce walk away and increase sales with these low cost involuntary systems. Keeping a business running smoothly isn’t an easy task, but purchasing equipment of the right standard is sure to help. The problem can be finding these items at the right price, which is where we can help. At IT Pro Technologies we pride ourselves on offering customers choice and value and this is true of our Queue Management Systems Dubai selection, where you’ll find items to suit a range of needs.

Choosing the correct queue system in Dubai

The choice of queue system depends on your exact requirements, there are 2 main categories:

Take a Ticket Systems

Also known as Take a Number Systems, Customers take a ticket and wait for their number to be displayed on the screen, this allows them to simply wait in the area rather than queue in a line. Nobody is served out of turn and customers are free to do other things while waiting.

Call Forward Systems

These systems inform the head of a queue which teller or reception position is free next. This makes serving customers much more efficient.

Also available are combinations of the 2 and systems for multiple queues etc.

Call for expert advice and we can build a bespoke system to suit your exact requirements.

Queue Management System in Dubai


IT Pro Technologies Advanced Queue Management System is:

Designed with the end customer in mind.

Simple and yet technologically advanced.

Extremely easy to operate. It is designed to help customers rather than confuse them with technical complexity.

Works with both types of counters – those having a PC, and those not having a PC.

It is specially designed to bring about order, efficiency and comfort in places such as banks, stations, public utility offices, health care and other places where people have to wait in line to get a service.

It reduces real & apparent waiting time, speeds up service delivery, improves service quality & increases customer satisfaction.

Standard Management Queue System

This standard queue management system is installed for the bank and there are a few functions for this system. The functions within this system include propriety service and configure different counters to serve different services. The propriety service is a service that is configured to be served by the counter staff first. When the customers selected this service, the counter that is set to serve this service will be toggled to this service automatically and when these staffs presses the ‘NEXTQ’ button on the keypad, propriety service queue number will be called first. This function is used for the VIP customers or services that required special attention.

Hospital Queue Management System

This queue management system with appointment time is implemented in the hospital and has been running with great reliability and efficiency. It is specially design for hospital, to cater for the appointment time for the patient and walk in patients. In this system, it also allowed specified doctor room to be allocated as well.

Immigration Passport/Document Collection Queue Management System

The immigration passport and document queue management system is design for the collection function that is required by the immigration department. This system can also be used for other industries or companies that required collection of documents at a later date. The unique function of this system is the traceability of the document using the old queue number and the linkage of the queue number to other department simultaneously.

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