Access Control System Dubai

Access Control

IT Pro Technologies Access Control is a robust and reliable solution that uses bio-metrics to significantly improve site security and movement control within restricted areas.

A perfect fit for any environment

Like all modules from the IT Pro Technologies suite, Access Control is ideal for medium to high risk facilities where accurate identification is essential, but it’s equally powerful in lower risk environments where controlling access can be both an administrative and financial burden. Through a combination of automatic information updates and faster processing, organisations can dramatically reduce costs associated with administrative staff and hardware, while improving the quality of business-critical data.

Flexible to requirements

Most organisations need to control access in restricted areas, such as server or storage rooms; Access Control gives you the choice of a card or biometric device for each restricted area, keeping hardware costs to a minimum.

Fast and simple to use

The system’s intuitive interface ensures easy enrolment of individuals, so that new users are processed with minimum effort. Because biometric devices require little interaction with the user and are easy to operate, processing often takes just seconds, preventing long queues.

As well as reducing the administration associated with manual processing, biometric access control gives users an improved experience. In consumer environments, such as health clubs and hotels in particular, it is a great way to demonstrate a commitment to customer care and to encourage loyalty. For employees, biometric access lets staff get on with their work more quickly and encourages greater productivity.

Improved efficiency with automated processing

Access Control saves time on manual processes, such as re-registering or logging external visitors. All records are immediately updated each time a person engages with a biometric device, cutting down the time associated with manual record updates and ensuring improved accuracy of information.