Structure Cabling

Structured network cabling involves using a flexible and singular cabling infrastructure to connect multiple computers, phones and other devices together. Specialized sockets are provided for plugging in your multiple devices. A central communication network cabinet is provided for connecting multiple cables from different work stations. A well-designed and structured cabling system can help in addressing common workflow issues and network downtime problems effectively.

Networking & Cabling Solutions company

To achieve transparent and effective communication and ensure seamless data transfer, you need top notch cabling products provided by cabling and network infrastructure companies in Dubai. We at IT Pro Technologies Systems LLC are happy to provide you with these and much more. If you have the need for superior grade structured cabling for your business premises, you have already taken a giant step towards achieving productivity and efficiency by connecting with IT Pro Technologies Systems LLC, one of the fastest growing structured cabling and infrastructure companies in UAE. Our services are geared towards providing a complete solution for all business requirements. We cover the following areas –

  1. Planning, design and installation of structured cabling (Networking Solution including Active & Passive Networking components)
  2. Moving structured cabling to new locations and redesigning network infrastructure by adapting to office premises layout accordingly
  3. Making all kinds of custom addition and expansion of existing structured cabling systems
  4. Making changes in the plan level of cabling to improve and increase functionality of structured cabling
  5. Administration of structured cabling and network infrastructure
  6. Maintenance and repair of structured cabling

With these cutting edge services, our company has taken structured cabling systems to a whole new level altogether. We take care of all communication requirements, including requirements for voice calls, video calls, conferencing and reliable and secure data transfer. These competencies give us a considerable edge over most other cabling and infrastructure companies in UAE.

IT Pro Technologies has technical expertise for Datacentre cabling, Data Centre Cabinet Redressing, Cable Tracing, Cable relabeling, Patching, Termination and testing. Datacentres require specialised skills to understand the cabling colour codes that are used by different companies as per their IT policies. Neat and sturdy structured cabling system (including voice and data cabling) will always ensure that the IT Head has less headaches with regards to network outages and communication issues. Professional cabling solution and network infrastructure hence surely serves as backbone to a firm’s communication requirement.

IT Pro Technologies has a dedicated team for structured cabling & networking services in Dubai, U.A.E. With an experience of over a decade, IT Pro Technologies has earned itself a place as one of the best structured cabling companies in Dubai and one of the top structured cabling companies in Dubai, U.A.E.