IT Setup & Relocation

Planning your office move and the secure relocation of your IT equipment;

Anyone who has projected managed an office move will know that planning is key. Many relocation companies do not have expertise in moving and reconnecting IT equipment. This could have a significant impact on the success of the overall relocation project. IT Pro Technologies Dubai has an elite team of IT relocation experts to ensure that your IT equipment is ready to be used by your employees following your office move.

Value added IT relocation consulting services

As part of our commitment to clients we offer the following services as part of our fixed fee:

Pre-relocation consulting to be carried out at the existing premise and at your new office space
IT infrastructure design and advisory services
IT relocation decommissioning and reconfiguration of existing IT hardware at the new site
Configuration and installation of any new IT hardware
Post-relocation consulting and troubleshooting support
Our team of trained IT specialists will manage your IT relocation and setup in conjunction with your office manager and relocation provider. Our aim is to ensure that your employees can work on their IT equipment on the first day in the new office.

Our typical process flow:

Attendance at move planning meetings with your IT staff or the office manager
Site visits to the existing office and new office location
Conduct an audit of IT hardware when decommissioning
Professional packing of the decommissioned IT equipment
Safe and secure transportation of your IT hardware to your new office location
Unpacking of the IT equipment and removal of packaging
Re-commissioning and setup of the IT equipment according to the floor layout plan
Full power-up, boot and network connectivity testing
Post-relocation consulting and troubleshooting